Improv Comedy Show, Practiced.

Providence, R.I. – Everything performed in an improv show is made up on the spot, never seen before and never to be seen again. So then how do you practice it? For the past two weeks, improv team Starbucks's Newest Secret Drink (Starbucks) has practiced at the Providence Improv Guild (PIG) in preparation for their [...]


Coming Soon…

Bristol, R.I. – Roger Williams University has taken on a year-long theme of "Talking About Race, Gender and Power," asking students faculty and staff to question their own perceptions and participate in dialogue. With that in mind, I will be working on two upcoming stories relative to this thematic topic. First, I will write a [...]

University Fair Unites Students Working to Define Social Justice on Campus.

Roger Williams University’s Social Justice Fair kicked off a month of activities for students passionate about creating change in their lives and communities. Bristol, R.I. – With over 20 student groups represented from varying worldwide cultures and perspectives, a University frequently critiqued for diversity, empowers student groups to make a difference.

Building LGBTQ Community, New Center Creates S.A.F.E. Space

Bristol, R.I. – With Thursday’s opening reception of Roger Williams University’s new Gender and Sexuality Center, the LGBTQ community comes together to build a home on campus. The space, an extension of the University’s Intercultural Center, houses groups that examine the global culture as it relates to masculinity, femininity and LGBTQ issues, raising awareness for [...]